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On their very first date, Adam took Danna to a small, frozen yogurt shop in his hometown. That day, Danna fell in love twice. First with Adam, who would soon become her husband, and then with the idea of opening her very own frozen yogurt utopia. That idea would become Menchie's.

Guided by an insatiable sweet tooth, Danna and Adam
made their mark on the frozen yogurt world.
The first year was a whilrwind: the wedding
and the opening of the first Menchie's store
were practically back-to-back. And as Menchie's
grew, so did their family with the birth of their
own little Menchie, Meital! It was hectic, but the
community rallied around them, showing their
love, support, and tremendous enthusiasm for
the Menchie's dream.

Today, Menchie's has thousands of devoted fans,
and is busy spreading both the love, and the
“YUM!” all across the country. Every Menchie’s is
founded on the same principles of community, outstanding service, healthy living, and the pursuit of the perfect yogurt mix!

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