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Meet the team behind our fabulous Menchie's Mixes!

Laura Baldwin

Director of Culinary/Research & Product Development

About Me: Having grown up all over the world and tasted delicious foods from across the globe, I contribute a unique and creative perspective to the product development process. Over the past eight years, I’ve honed my talents in both the culinary and food manufacturing environments with a focus on bringing food products to life that are consistently high-quality. My passion is sourcing best-in-class ingredients to make flavors that are both memorable and fantastically flavorful!

My favorite Menchie's Mix: Pure Chocolate with Reese's peanut butter cups and cookie dough!

Kristy Luu

Research & Development Specialist

About Me: Ever since I was little, I loved sweets and desserts. My love for food truly developed during my years of studying Food Science at California State University, Northridge. It was during my last year of school that I realized my passion is working in a lab to develop new products. Being a part of the Menchie’s Flavor Team allows me to be innovative while having fun. I can combine my love for frozen yogurt and working in a lab to create new and delicious flavors. In my spare time I love to travel and explore new places, as well as trying new foods!

My favorite Menchie's Mix: Takes the Cake Batter with cheesecake pieces and fruity pebbles in a waffle cone!

Florence Sahagun

Research & Development Specialist

About Me: Some of the things I enjoy doing are eating delicious food and exploring different flavors. Being raised in a large family, I became accustomed to trying different types of food during potlucks and weekend family barbecues. Apart from eating, making delicious food is also one of my biggest interests. Being a Food Scientist allows me to create flavors that I enjoy with the hope that others will enjoy with their families and loved ones.

My favorite Menchie's Mix: The Art of Original Tart with blueberries, cheesecake pieces, mochi, and almonds!

Lauren Wu

Research & Development Specialist

About Me: My love for food began when I was young. I would spend all day in my play kitchen making my parents pretend to eat my creations. Growing up, my favorite classes in school were always in science because of all the cool experiments; it wasn’t until I came across the Food Science major at Cal Poly Pomona that I realized this would be the perfect career path for me. I’m able to combine my interests in science and food to create new delicious frozen yogurt flavors!

My favorite Menchie's Mix: Live from NY Cheesecake and Dole Soft Serve Pineapple with strawberries and Oreo pieces!

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