At Menchie's, we make people smile and bring families together around a better frozen treat.

Parents love us and trust us because we are passionate about quality - they know that ingredients matter.

Kids are our biggest fans because we are the fun Frozen Yogurt brand that has all their favorite flavors. It is thanks to all this love, our friendly staff, and our ties with local communities that we are America's largest self-serve frozen yogurt chain.

With Menchie's, you can select a Smart Snack for your students that shows you care about their health, that nurtures them today, and gives them good habits for a better tomorrow.

Every day, we get to do what we love, to love what we do, and to make the world a smilier place - that's also what we wish for every child!

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All our nutritious frozen yogurt flavors are available in 4 oz. cups!

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